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Life Skills to keep mentally fit and healthy

LifeUp is an online mindfulness challenge delivered through short practical videos designed to help you keep ‘mentally fit & healthy’. Based on the theme of climbing a ‘mindfulness mountain’.

What you'll learn

How to find balance in your daily life

Wellbeing emerges from full internal and external alignment, when thoughts, feelings words and actions all match and line up with who we really are. 

Ride Life’s ups and downs

Be present, feel alive & energised

Bring the best of yourself, in the moment, when it matters

Mindfulness Life Skills for daily life 

Climbing the mindfulness mountain

LifeUp makes mindfulness simple and accessible by breaking it down into 6 secular mindfulness life skills that are 6 steps up the mindfulness mountain.

Each of the 6 steps up the mountain is an acronym. 

Each letter of each acronym has its own bitesize video and relates to a mindfulness activity that is useful in its own right and when combined in the given order of the acronym makes up a powerful mindfulness life skill.

User Journey

Training starts at Basecamp where you’ll get the essential mindfulness introduction & toolkit to prepare you for the challenge ahead.

You’ll then climb the 6 steps through the remaining 3 mountain stages of Resilience, Connection and Authenticity.

Each step builds on the previous step. How far you climb and which stages you complete will depend on your own objectives and time commitment.


“LifeUp takes an ambiguous idea and made it easy to understand. The structure is great – clear, compelling and easy to remember. I see real value for this in my life” 

"LifeUp has created a brilliant tool-kit to help deal with the challenges that life throws!" Was very inspired and impressed with LifeUp"

"I like your idea and think that your style is a winning one. Most of the mindfulness courses I found online are either too expensive and/or very boring. Your approach is dynamic and interactive."

Start climbing the mountain today... We look forward to meeting you!

LifeUp is an UnLtd Social Enterprise Start Up Award Winner. UnLtd finds, funds and supports social entrepreneurs - enterprising people with solutions that change our society for the better.

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LifeUp is also available for Organizations! Contact [email protected] for all inquiries.